• Are you stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out?
  • Do you wake up dreading what the day will bring?
  • Is your business running you?

The number of entrepreneurs setting up limited companies has surged by over 100% over the last 5 years in the UK according to Experian and other economies are experiencing similar growth. How do we transition effectively from being employed to running our own company? How do we become the leaders our businesses need?

“I employed Sonia shortly after setting up my own business. She brought a whole new attitude and perspective, and her clear analytical approach quickly gained my trust and that of my colleagues, some of whom had worked with me in the old firm for decades. It is perhaps that trust which I valued most, as without it any added value to a business is impossible from outsiders.” – Stefano Fraquelli, Managing Director, Metropolitan Restaurants Ltd.

Regardless of where you are in your leadership journey, we can help you take yourself, your business and your people to the next level of success and growth.

“Sonia is productive, constructive, reflective, intelligent, articulate, and a real joy to work with!  Her expert coaching skills resulted in a new outlook for me, a new business, and better work-life balance, which 6 years on I am still applying and benefiting from. True sustainability and invaluable life-changing results.”
Maddy Robinshaw, DWD Solutions

The first 90 days in any leadership role are crucial to your ongoing success and that is only the first hurdle on the journey. In today’s market we change roles, jobs and companies frequently and our leadership is crucial in these transitions. Also, what happens when we stay in a leadership role for a time? How does it develop?

“Sonia and I worked together when I had taken on a new role at Grant Thornton as Head of Financial Services.  Sonia was particularly able to help me think through and develop the strategy for the business and for myself. I would highly recommend Sonia as a coach for anyone in a leadership position.”–  Ian Gorham, Chief Executive, Hargreaves Lansdown


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