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Dear Business Leader,

We are already well into the first quarter of 2011, Christmas is but a distant memory and for some who have their new financial year start in April, it is around the corner.

Is everything on track with the year’s plans and goals? Or have you been too busy dealing with things you DIDN’T plan for? Are your dreams of success and growth a reality or are they still dreams?

Have you been caught up in the relentless routine of attending meetings, solving other people’s problems and the general “doing” that can come with owning the business?

How many times do you tell yourself that if only you had the time to actually think about the business, then you could achieve so much more success for yourself and for the business?

This is one of the crucial lessons that any business owner with aspirations of running an eight figure business and beyond learns. If they are to achieve their goals they have to take time to plan properly and work out their strategy before they get started. It saves so much time and heartache!


Will you be one of the business owners who turbo boosts their company into the next level in 2011? Are you ready to make this one of your most productive years EVER?

If you are willing to put in 60 minutes of your time, I will give you 60 minutes of my time, because I really want to give you the boost you need to achieve the success you dream of in 2011.

This is what you get in your 60-minute strategy session:

  • We will focus on the result that is most relevant to you – it could be a BIG goal or it might be something smaller yet very significant to your business. I will ask you to tell me about it before the session so that we can hit the ground running.
  • We will uncover any hidden obstacles to your success and find a way around them.
  • We will talk about how and when you want to achieve your results and discuss the other considerations like personal commitments and your development agenda.
  • You will finish the call with a clear way forward, a simple view of what needs to be done and the confidence to go and do it.

Yes, Sonia! I am ready to commit to focus on my business success, set and achieve the growth that I want in 2011, and get clear on the actions that I need to take to do that! Sign me up for my FREE Business Growth Strategy Session with you (via phone)

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Sonia Gavira

Sonia Gavira

Director of valueU Ltd and Journey to Leadership Success