Calling all ambitious business leaders

VIP Package

A year-long one to one programme aimed at a select few who are ready to commit fully to their own success and that of their business in 2011. The programme will facilitate the planning and actions necessary for you to lead your business to success on your terms. It includes full day planning sessions, days with your team and monthly  one to one coaching. This programme is limited to 12 people in any one year.

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Business Growth Retreats

An intimate 3 day retreat at a luxurious venue where with the support of other dynamic business leaders and owners, you will draw up the growth plans for success in 2011 and beyond.

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90 Days to Leadership Success

Do any of these apply to you or your business?

    • You’ve reached a plateau in terms of growth and you just can’t get past it
    • You are working harder and harder just to stand still
    • You run a business but the business runs you most of the time
    • The success you get is not maximizing your potential
    • You get frustrated because your people lack vision
    • You rarely get challenged constructively
    • You spend so much time firefighting that you have no time to plan your future success?

This 3 month programme is delivered via a secure online platform called a “Jigsawbox” directly to your computer and will walk you through in detail, the steps you require to grow your business and your leadership, to that next level of success.

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Coaching Packages

Individual coaching sessions to support your 90 day journey and enable you to resolve any questions you may have.

  • Online coaching – online once a week
  • Telephone coaching packages

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