90 Days to Leadership Success

How would it be to step up into the big league?
Are you ready to do what it takes to take your business to the next level of success and growth?

Do any of these apply to you or your business?

  • You’ve reached a plateau in terms of growth and you just can’t get past it
  • You are working harder and harder just to stand still
  • You run a business but the business runs you most of the time
  • The success you get is not maximising your potential
  • You get frustrated because your people lack vision
  • You rarely get challenged constructively
  • You spend so much time firefighting that you have no time to plan your future success
  • You know there are courses out there you could go on that would help you, but you don’t have the time to take out of your business right now

My name is Sonia Gavira and I have been working with owner managers, senior directors and chief executives of large corporations as well as aspiring top talent in these organisations for nearly 15 years, so I really know what works in a successful, growing business. I have listened to and worked with their concerns from the talented individual near the beginning of their leadership journey to the CEO looking for an exit from the organisation and I have now taken all this experience and turned it into a 90 day programme which you can access from the comfort of your home or business via your computer.

Here’s what one of my clients had to say about working with me:

“Sonia and I worked together when I had taken on a new role at Grant Thornton as Head of Financial Services. Over the six months we worked together I found her coaching to be challenging yet supportive. Sonia was particularly able to help me think through and develop the strategy for the business and for myself. I would highly recommend Sonia as a coach for anyone in a leadership position and in a new role”
– Ian Gorham, Director, Hargreaves Lansdown

As well as working WITH these people, I have also worked IN business to Director Level in both HR and Marketing roles in large corporate organisations, which means I have had to adopt the models and mindset required to succeed at that level.

“I employed Sonia shortly after setting up my own business. I had de-merged out of an old family business and was burdened with a great deal of received wisdom, much more in fact than I would care to admit to. She brought a whole new attitude and perspective, and her clear analytical approach quickly gained my trust and that of my colleagues, some of whom had worked with me in the old firm for decades. It is perhaps that trust which I valued most, as without it any added value to a business is impossible from outsiders.”
Stefano Fraquelli, Managing Director, Metropolitan Restaurants Ltd

So How Does it Work?

I have squeezed the key gems that you need to know to achieve success into a 90 day programme so that you can get started instantly on the changes you need to make to maximise both your potential and that of your business.

  • First we are going to identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be, getting crystal clear on your vision, your values, who your stakeholders are and what you are compromising on. This will open your eyes to what is really possible for you.
  • Secondly we will develop a roadmap to success. This is the map that you and your organisation will carry and use to make sure that you get to your success destination.
  • Then we will look at the three secrets most leaders miss that mean they don’t achieve the 8 figure dream.
  • In the fourth module we will look at what is needed to build the dream team and why you may not have that team now.
  • Module five will deal with the leadership mindset – an essential element for a successful, growing business.
  • And in the final module we will look at leading your business into the future – how you can determine what that future might be and what is important about that today.

As part of the 90 day programme you will have access to the Leadership Lounge – a monthly 90 minute group call where you will get my personal support to enable you to move forwards quickly.

You will also have access to a private community where all participants on the programme can come together to support each other. Leadership can be a lonely experience, so having others in the community with no vested interest in your business to lend an ear can be an invaluable resource.

In addition, you will have access to my own success library- a valuable collection of resources I have built up over the years and which I use regularly. This will prevent you having to sift through the mountains of material you can find on leadership and success as I have done this for you.

“Running a business is never easy but I feel that I have a far better chance of success now that Sonia has helped me shake off my negativity and re-build my self confidence and enthusiasm.”
Paul Jenkins Director, Ability Selection Ltd.

Now I am sure you probably have plenty of questions…
Why can’t I have all the content at once?

In my experience a couple of things happen to most people if I provide all the content at once –1. You will experience “overload” and then find it difficult to even start and 2. Not enough time will be taken in between the modules to really practice and embed the learning. This means that there is a risk that you will not be able to use all that you learn. At worse, it just becomes one of those manuals that are currently sitting on your shelf. For the exceptions to this rule, the modules stay in your programme for life, so you can always revisit them altogether at some other stage.

What if I don’t have the time to get through each module?

No need to worry. The modules will stay within your programme for life, so you can start them as and when you are ready with no one hassling you to get through them.

What if I have questions on the material and how to apply it in my organisation?

That’s what the Leadership Lounge is for. I will be collating all the questions that you pose and helping you answer them on that call, making sure that there is time for coaching you through the really important questions for you.

I’m sure I could just read good leadership books and learn all there is to learn.

Yes, there is a lot of excellent material out there, so much in fact that it can be a little overwhelming. On the programme, I will be directing you to some of the most interesting material and great sources for it which you can use on an ongoing basis, so that you don’t have to sift through it yourself. The programme will also enable you to directly use what you learn either on the business as a whole or on an important project you are undertaking, making the reading and learning come alive in practical application.

Why not just go to a leading business school for a week or 2 week long programme?

For some of you, that will be the right option. There are great leadership programmes run by the leading business schools and if you can take time out of your business and enjoy learning in that environment, then that might be the right answer for you. If however taking that amount of time (and more!) out of your business is not an option, if you want to take the learning at a slower pace to make sure that you use what you learn and you want to do it in your own time, then this is the programme for you. This programme by its nature, will be very tailored to your business as it’s about more than “leadership”, it’s about how YOU lead your business to the success that YOU want.

The programmes you are likely to access at a business school will be more general. But Sonia, I want it all and I want to work one to one with you I do work at a higher level with a very small select group of people at any one time in a retreat and a VIP programme. I do have a very limited number of spaces still available at this time. These programmes are run on an invitation basis, so if you want to be considered please email us at support@valueu.com and we will send you further details of the programme and an application form.

“I would unreservedly recommend Sonia’s process and technique, which helped me to achieve clarity of thought, and a resulting plan of action.”
Maddy Robinshaw, Director, DWD Solutions

So how much is 90 days to Leadership Success?

Well, consider that I usually charge £1,800 a day for my time and that this programme will provide you with 90 days worth of content plus half a day of my time on the Leadership Lounge calls. When you consider that by the end of the programme you will have renewed passion for your business and clear strategies which will help you take your business to 8 figures and beyond, I could easily charge several thousand pounds for the 90 Days to Leadership Success programme. So you may be thinking that this programme will cost you a fortune… but listen to this:

Your investment in the 90 Days to Leadership Success Programme is just £850*.

A one off payment and all the resources and materials are yours for life, to implement what you will learn over and over again. That’s right – I’m asking you for just £850* and I am going to give you a way to define success for your organisation and lead it to that success and beyond. And you will be able to use this material over and over again as the material is yours to keep for life. It’s a no-brainer!

Why am I offering it to you at this price?

I am passionate about helping people lead from a place of authenticity in whatever it is they want to do. I believe that entrepreneurs are the life blood of any country’s economy and that if on their own they achieve a lot, with some help they could achieve even more for themselves and for those who work with them. This price enables as many of you as possible to access the material and to be honest, it gives me the opportunity to meet with and work with more of you than my one to one time would allow – something I thoroughly enjoy! So..

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And to make the decision to invest even easier for you I am offering a number of bonuses

Bonus 1

Because I know that it is those people who take action early that have the best success, I am offering a bonus 45 minute fast start one to one session with me to the first 10 people to sign up for the programme worth £225.

Bonus 2

As a second bonus, I have decided to offer those joining the programme this year, a full years’ access to the Leadership Lounge calls. That’s an extra 9 monthly 90 minute group coaching calls valued at over £4,000 in terms of my time!

I believe one of the best ways to build a great business is to over-deliver.

And that’s why you also get a 100% risk-free guarantee.


Here’s how it works: Follow all the steps in the programme and if you can’t see what success looks like for you and you don’t have a clear idea of what you need to do to achieve your 8 figure business, then I’ll give you your money back.

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Look, if you are at all serious about having the business that you want to have and lead, then you can’t overlook this risk-free opportunity. Your investment is peanuts compared to all the money, time and energy you will waste if you don’t take action now. And to help you make that decision now, I am also offering a 45 minute emergency call which you can schedule with me at any time during the programme for the first five people to buy.

So that means… You really can’t afford not to invest in the Leadership Success programme.

Warmest regards,

Sonia Gavira
Sonia Gavira
P.S. Don’t put this off. The bonus one to one session with me is only available to the first 10 people to sign up,and if you want more support during the programme you need to be one of the first 5,  so grab your place now.

* plus VAT for EU customers