Is it time for you to achieve the success you always dreamed of? Is it time to take your business to the next level of success and growth? Are you ready to commit to this growth in 2011?

**Attention all dynamic business owners with a desire to grow your businesses to the next level**

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then I would like to invite you to my Business Growth Retreat where we will plan how to take your business to the next level of success and beyond and ensure that you leave with the actions you need to take, and having learned and started to make the key changes you need to make as the leader of your business, to guarantee your success.

If you are committed to the success of your business and you want to accelerate towards that success, we will make sure that you leave the Business Growth Retreat with your foot firmly on the accelerator pedal.

This Business Growth Retreat is for you if any of these apply:

  • You’ve reached a plateau in your business growth and you just can’t seem to shift it up a gear
  • You are working harder and harder just to stand still
  • You run a business but the business runs you most of the time
  • The success you get is not maximising your potential
  • Everyone around you keeps telling you how successful you are but you want more
  • You spend so much time firefighting that you just have no time to plan
  • You rarely get challenged constructively
  • You have a sense that that big success is just around the corner but you never quite turn that corner

My name is Sonia Gavira and I have been working with owner managers, senior directors and chief executives of large corporations as well as with some really successful entrepreneurial companies for nearly 15 years, so I really know what works in a successful, growing business.

I have listened to and worked with their concerns from the talented individual near the beginning of their leadership journey to the CEO looking for an exit from the organisation.

Here’s what one of my clients had to say about working with me:

“Sonia and I worked together when I had taken on a new role at Grant Thornton as Head of Financial Services. Over the six months we worked together I found her coaching to be challenging yet supportive. Sonia was particularly able to help me think through and develop the strategy for the business and for myself. I would highly recommend Sonia as a coach for anyone in a leadership position.”
Ian Gorham, Director, Hargreaves Lansdown

As well as working WITH these people, I have also worked IN business to Director Level in both HR and Marketing roles in large corporate organisations as well as in owner managed companies,  which means I have had to adopt the models and mindset required to succeed at that level.

“I employed Sonia shortly after setting up my own business. I had de-merged out of an old family business and was burdened with a great deal of received wisdom, much more in fact than I would care to admit to. She brought a whole new attitude and perspective, and her clear analytical approach quickly gained my trust and that of my colleagues, some of whom had worked with me in the old firm for decades. It is perhaps that trust which I valued most, as without it any added value to a business is impossible from outsiders.”
Stefano Fraquelli, Managing Director, Metropolitan Restaurants Ltd

So, how does it work and what will you walk away with?

Firstly, you will take time out of your business week to attend this event as it will run from a Tuesday to Thursday. This is one of the first skills to learn as a leader of an eight figure business – you need to take time out of your business to work on your business.

Then during the three days we will cover:

  • Your vision for growth – what will your business look like, when you have achieved this growth and success.
  • Growth strategies – what are the growth strategies that will suit your business in the coming year and which ones will you choose to implement and how.
  • Internal and External marketing – what marketing strategies and plans need to be in place to achieve this level of growth that are relevant to your business.
  • Dream Team – do you have the team to achieve this vision? What changes do you need to make and how?
  • Your role in the new business – what kind of leader are you, and what kind of leader do you need to be to ensure the successful growth of this business?
  • Understanding of the impact you have on your team – how do you like to communicate and receive information? What type of person do you relate to best and why? Strategies to improve your influencing skills and general rapport building skills with staff, suppliers and clients.
  • Action – detailed action plans to communicate to the business when you get back so that they can be put in place.

After the event, you will receive an invitation to a free webinar / conference call where we will meet once again as a group to check your progress and make sure that you are getting the traction you planned for.

Before the event, I will make sure that I know as much as I possibly can about your business through the use of a detailed questionnaire and a half hour interview with you on the phone.

This will enable me to do 4 key things:

  1. Make sure that the content of the Business Growth Retreat is tailored to the individuals in the room so that you leave with what you need.
  2. Invite key experts along to speak and give advice on the areas that you most want advice on.
  3. Know your business and your key challenges well enough so that when we have our one to one session on the retreat, we can hit the ground running.
  4. Ensure that the retreat is right for you and your business now (you will receive a full refund after the interview should be come to the conclusion that the retreat is not right for you or your business right now).

Yes, you read right! In addition to the group sessions where we will use the expertise of everyone in the room to move you forwards towards the growth you want in 2011, I will also provide you with a one-to-one confidential coaching session with me designed to further accelerate your success.

“I would unreservedly recommend Sonia’s process and technique, which helped me to achieve clarity of thought, and a resulting plan of action.”
– Maddy Robinshaw, Director, DWD Solutions

Calcot Manor Hotel
In order to provide you with the best possible environment to plan, experiment and learn, the Business Growth Retreat takes place in inspirational surroundings such as Calcot Manor, near Tetbury in Gloucestershire. A wonderful boutique hotel with all the facilities we will need to run a successful three day business event, plus with its reputation as one of the best UK spas, with a lounge area, treatment rooms and a fully equipped gym there is plenty to help you relax and feel refreshed in between the sessions. For those of you who prefer the outdoors, the venue also has bicycles available so that you can make use of the various cycle paths in the area.


And my first bonus for you:

Included in your price, is your accommodation and all your meals for the duration of your stay. I want this to be as easy for you as possible so that you can concentrate fully on your business growth whilst on the retreat. We will be starting at 10.00am on the first day to allow people time to arrive. However if you would like to arrive the night before, then please let us know and if there is still room at the hotel we will also pay for your accommodation on that night.

So, are you ready to reserve your place on one of our Business Growth Retreats in 2011?

I believe one of the best ways to build a great business is to over-deliver.

And that’s why you also get a 100% risk-free guarantee.


Join us on the first day, take part fully and if you cannot see how the retreat will help you and your business to that next level of growth, then leave all your materials and notes behind, pay for your expenses for the day and I will refund you the rest, no questions asked.

So that the experience is a valuable one for each and every person and business that attends, I am limiting numbers to a maximum of 12 individuals per Business Growth Retreat or 6 businesses.

Which leads to my Bonus number 2

If you run your business with a partner, you can bring your partner along and only pay for the accommodation and meals. This means that your business partner will be there with you planning the future growth and success of your business and you then have the added advantage that you will leave the retreat with both of you heading in the same direction.

So, are you ready to reserve your place? Or do you still have a few questions?

I’m not sure that growth is possible in the current economic climate

I recently heard one of my mentors Bernadette Doyle speak about her attitude to money.  One of the things she said was that for her money was like water: it always flows freely, and we can collect that water in a bucket. First we have to make sure that our bucket has no holes to let water leak out and then we have to make sure that we place our bucket where the water is flowing. So, we have to make sure that our businesses are “hole-proof” and that they are serving a market where there are customers and there is money. On this Business Growth Retreat, you will have the opportunity to discover if there are any holes in your business and you will also be able to look for the parts of your market or even new markets where there is money. This will recession-proof your business. The businesses that suffer in a downturn are those that are not nimble enough to go where the money is flowing.

Why can’t you run it over a weekend? Taking three days out of my business is hard for me.

This will be lessons number 1 and 2 if you want to run an 8 figure business.

Lesson Number 1 – you have to take time out of your business to work on your business. Being in your place of work when you need to plan your growth, your success and your strategy can sometimes be what ensures that it never happens. If you think back to when you started your business and put the plans together for it, it is very likely that you were not working in it at the time, just by virtue of the fact that you hadn’t really started it yet. That allowed you to have the appropriate distance from it to be able to plan. That is what this Business Growth Retreat will give you – the space and the distance.

Lesson Number 2 – you need people and systems in your business that will run without you and you need to trust that they will do that. You need to trust that you have a business that will not fall over if you are away from it for three days. If this is not the case, you definitely need this retreat to plan for that!

One thing is coming to an event and another is implementing the plans in my business – how will this event help me with that?

We will make sure that after every session that we run there is an opportunity to discuss how exactly you will use what you have learned in your business. This is why I keep the numbers small. I want to make sure that there is time to really get into each business that comes to the table so that the event is as tailored to your needs as it can be. Also, the webinar after the event will enable us to work together again to make sure that the plans you made on the retreat have traction.

“Running a business is never easy but I feel that I have a far better chance of success now that Sonia has helped me shake off my negativity and re-build my self confidence and enthusiasm.”
– Paul Jenkins Director, Ability Selection Ltd.

So, how much is the Business Growth Retreat?

Well if you consider that you will have three full days of my time with group work and one-to-one sessions, there will be relevant experts coming depending on what you tell me you need specific help with, and the ability to network with and get support from business owners on a similar journey to yours, I could easily charge a five figure sum. Add to that the fact that you will have your accommodation and food included and that you can bring a business partner along just for the cost of the accommodation and food, even that would be good value.

But listen to this…

Your investment in this Business Growth Retreat is just £7995*. A one off payment and you get to plan the successful growth of your business this year, with my help and the help of other likeminded business owners.


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And if that wasn’t incentive enough, I will make it even easier for you to make the decision and offer you the opportunity to pay in two instalments of £3998*.  For this option, email us at and we will send you details of how to pay.

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Look, if you are at all serious about taking your business to that next level of growth then you cannot overlook this risk free opportunity.

Your investment will look like a drop in the ocean once you see your business soar – you really cannot afford not to invest in this opportunity.

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Warmest Regards,

Sonia Gavira

*plus VAT for EU customers