Summer Success Programme

One-to-one Summer e-coaching with Sonia for July, August and September

Just 15 places (now closed) for this 3 month programme and doors will close on July 8th

If you are looking for a professional business strategist, coach and mentor to answer your questions on a daily basis, read on…

“Sonia is productive, constructive, reflective, intelligent, articulate, and a real joy to work with!  Her expert coaching skills resulted in a new outlook for me, a new business, and better work-life balance, which 6 years on I am still applying and benefiting from. True sustainability and invaluable life-changing results.”
Maddy Robinshaw, DWD Solutions

The coaching programme has been created for entrepreneurs and business people at all levels who want to become more successful professionally and personally over the next three months, in readiness for the Autumn / Winter season to come.

Please “tick” all that apply to YOU:

  • I have just started up my business and I desperately need some guidance to figure it all out!
  • I have had a business for a while and am making some money…, but I really want to find ways to leverage my time, get more clients, increase my profits.
  • I have been in business for a while and I am ready to take it to the next level of growth.
  • I have just taken on a new role and I want to make sure that I make the right impression and impact early on.
  • As a leader in the business I have some issues that I want to sort out to improve my performance and that of my team’s and the summer is a good time to take some time to do it.

If you have “ticked” any of the above, then this is the coaching programme for YOU!

“Sonia and I worked together when I had taken on a new role at Grant Thornton as Head of Financial Services.  Sonia was particularly able to help me think through and develop the strategy for the business and for myself. I would highly recommend Sonia as a coach for anyone in a leadership position.”–  Ian Gorham, Chief Executive, Hargreaves Lansdown

Why e-coaching instead of phone?

Because as in the picture above, it’s great to be able to take the phone off the hook in the summer and not be tied to it. It will allow us the freedom to ask questions and answer them when it suits us, regardless of time zones and other summer time schedules.

So, are you ready for some success this summer? Are you ready to take your business, your career and your life to the next level?

If so, this is how it will work:

Step 1

Say “Yes Sonia, book me in” and get the special email address .

Once you sign up and your order is processed, you will be sent the special email address dedicated to this programme and to the 15 people who decide to take action this summer.

Step 2

Send me your first message

In order to get us going as quickly as possible, I need to know a little about you, your business and your goals. Answer the following questions in your first email so that I can really get to grips with what your needs are:

  1. What are the short term and long terms goals for your business / role?
  2. What are the goals for this coaching programme?
  3. If you have a website or any other material that is relevant please send a link to me.
  4. Where do you want to begin? – what is your first most important question

Step 3


Each day (Monday to Thursday) you send me a question and I will answer it. You can send me documents to look at too if necessary (business plans, strategy documents, marketing materials, CVs, anything that is relevant to the question). When you get my response you work on it and we move on.

YOU are in charge of the programme – your questions will dictate where we go and how quickly.


The terms are simple:

  • One email per day with one question – if you send multiple questions in I will answer the first one. This will help focus you on what is really important and prevent you getting overwhelmed.
  • Long weekends are compulsory – it is the summer and we all need some time to recharge, so I will answer questions Monday to Thursday only.
  • The content is up to you.
  • I will not chase you – you work at your own pace. Your are responsible for your learning and your success.


This is a really cost effective way to get some personal one-to-one attention on you and your success. In fact, this idea came from my coach Carrie Wilkerson on whose summer coaching programme I am on! This format is proving to be hugely beneficial to me especially coming up to the summer when my schedule and location changes (summers mean home and office become the south coast of Spain for the summer!). This is why I thought I would offer it to you too.

So, are you ready to start?

Great! I love working with people who are serious about their business and their own growth and learning – in fact, those are the only people I enjoy working with!

So, how much is this programme going to cost?

Well, how much is it worth to you? How much is having your own personal coach and mentor with you on a daily (well nearly!) basis? A coach and mentor with over 10 years experience of working with individuals at the highest levels as well as one with experience of being a Director in business as well as owning and running her own company?

“I employed Sonia shortly after setting up my own business. She brought a whole new attitude and perspective, and her clear analytical approach quickly gained my trust and that of my colleagues, some of whom had worked with me in the old firm for decades. It is perhaps that trust which I valued most, as without it any added value to a business is impossible from outsiders.” – Stefano Fraquelli, Managing Director, Metropolitan Restaurants Ltd.

I tend to reserve my one-to-one time for those clients who invest in my top programmes but this summer, as I am getting so much value from this from my coach, I thought I would pay it forward and do the same. So this programme is available for you at a one time, one off fee of £497 (plus VAT for those in the EU) payable upfront.

Some months you will have lots of questions and some months you won’t. As a one off fee you don’t have to worry about getting your month’s worth.

Order below and let’s get started right away.


You tell me where you want to go and I will help guide you there.

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