Summer Success Programme ThankYou

Well done and thank you for choosing me as your coach this summer!

Here are a few things to make sure we can get started straight away:

The email address you need to keep, make sure it doesn’t go into your junk folder and send your questions to is:

I get a lot of email (as do we all) and if it goes to any of my other addresses it will more than likely get lost!

I will send you an email very soon from that address but if you are quicker than I am and want to send me your first question now, use that address and include answers to the following questions in your first email too:

  1. What are the short term and long terms goals for your business / role?
  2. What are the goals for this coaching programme?
  3. If you have a website or any other material that is relevant please send a link to me.
  4. Where do you want to begin? – what is your first most important question
And remember:
  • We coach Monday through to Thursday inclusive
  • One question in one email per day
  • If you have any documents you want me to review send me them (one per email) or a link to them
  • Take action on the response to see a difference
  • You are responsible for the programme – your questions, your direction

So, let’s get started – what is your most important question today?

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