Do You Qualify to be One of the 12 Dynamic, take Action Business Owners I will Personally Help to Take Their Business to the Next Level of Growth Over the Next 12 Months? (Act fast- Spaces Will be Snapped Up!)

**Attention all dynamic business owners looking for growth this year**

In the first stages of growing a business, sorting out your product or service, finding out how to market and sell what you have and taking in the money at the right time for it all to work will have taken up all of your time and your learning. The learning here is essential to the success of your business and without this companies end up folding before they have really got off the ground, regardless of how good the product and the service are.

If you get through this stage you now have a viable business on your hands and you enter the world of the successful entrepreneur.

At this stage, there are various choices to make but the one I will concentrate on here is do you concentrate on sustaining this level of business or do you grow it? I want to speak to those of you who have reached a plateau and decided that you want to grow your businesses and take them to the next level of growth and beyond.

Because this is when it becomes time to learn new skills to those you have already acquired.

This is when you face some or all of the following challenges:

  • How to create new revenue streams that will add to your current turnover and profit effectively and with ease
  • How to review your current processes and put in the necessary ones to manage the growth effectively
  • How to recruit the right people who will help your business grow
  • How you train your current staff to support your growing business
  • How to manage and lead your people
  • How to take time out of the business to work on the business
  • How to empower your people to take decisions that are right for the business

And there will be more that are specific to your market and your industry.

This is what some people have said about working with me:

“Sonia is productive, constructive, reflective, intelligent, articulate, and a real joy to work with! I have been coached, a colleague and a client of Sonia’s and all three experiences have illustrated what a consummate professional she is. Her expert coaching skills resulted in a new outlook for me, a new business, and better work-life balance, which 6 years on I am still applying and benefiting from. True sustainability and invaluable life-changing results.” – Maddy Robinshaw, DWD Solutions

“In these days when there are so called coaches, consultants and even gurus just about everywhere it’s good to know someone who is the real deal.
Sonia is both an ideal sounding board a valuable contributor. Her advice is sensible, sure-footed and effective her style is methodical, professional but good humoured.”-  Paul Jenkins, The Paul Jenkins Company

“Sonia is an insightful and professional coach who helped me and my business move forward. Sessions with her can be challenging and thought provoking but always enjoyable due to her positive attitude. She strives to help her clients achieve their best by really understanding them. I would highly recommend Sonia.” – Gail Morgan, The Image House

“Sonia is an extremely supportive, non-judgmental and totally trustworthy coach. She listens extremely well and responds in a manner which is perfect for the moment, demonstrating real warmth, encouragement and challenge. I can whole heartedly recommend her. Thank you Sonia for what you helped me to achieve!” – Amanda Jenkins

“I would place the highest confidence in any project I gave to Sonia to undertake. A woman with great integrity, insight, intelligence and ability. If that were not enough, Sonia is a splendid person too with warmth and kindness in abundance.” – Andrew Widgery

“I employed Sonia shortly after setting up my own business. I had de-merged out of an old family business and was burdened with a great deal of received wisdom, much more in fact than I would care to admit to. She brought a whole new attitude and perspective, and her clear analytical approach quickly gained my trust and that of my colleagues, some of whom had worked with me in the old firm for decades. It is perhaps that trust which I valued most, as without it any added value to a business is impossible from outsiders.” – Stefano Fraquelli, Managing Director, Metropolitan Restaurants Ltd

“Sonia has been of tremendous help to us in terms of achieving amazing success in our business.  Her ability to provide clear and structured thinking and foresight to our marketing issues when our full-time management were eyeball deep in everyday problems has been vital to our success.  Perhaps her greatest quality is her ability to combine clear blue sky innovation with a pragmatic sense of what can be achieved within available resources.  We aim to maintain a long term business relationship with Sonia.” – Peter Borg-Neal , Oakman Inns (during launch of Forno Vivo)

Is it time for you to take your business to the next level?

  • Have you reached a plateau in terms of your business growth and success – and now you are yearning for something MORE?
  • Are you taking BIG, BOLD risks that inspire and scare you, or are you playing it safe now?
  • Have new possibilities been knocking but you are holding on to familiar success?
  • Do you rarely get challenged constructively by those around you? Are they encouraging you to play small?
  • Do you have a sense that that big success is just around the corner but you never quite turn that corner?
  • Are you constantly fire fighting and have no time to plan the future success of your business?

You are the only person on earth who can answer these questions. And the truth is, you have to answer honestly. There is no point in trying to fool yourself.

If these feelings resonate with you, then you could qualify as one of the 12 people this year who will work with me to take their business and themselves to the next level of growth and success.

This programme is not for the faint hearted or for those entrepreneurs who have not mastered the business basics. There are a multitude of programmes out there for start up ventures and this is why I have specifically aimed this programme at those who have achieved some success in your business so far.

This is the only way that my clients get to work with me on a one-to-one basis for a whole 12 months

So, how does my VIP Programme work…

3 full days with me on business growth, strategy and transformation

We will take a day out of the business to work on the business. During these days we will assess where you and your business are, where you want to be, look at the gap and then design the strategies and actions to get you there.  These days are also where we will look at you as the leader of your business, your leadership style, how that impacts on others and how you want it to develop.

2 full days with your team

Developing your team, making sure it works as a cohesive team, ensuring that communication is all that it needs to be and that you as a leader have the role that both you and they expect, is crucial at this stage of your organisations’ development. Together we will create an agenda that ensures that these two days achieve what you want them to achieve for your business. The days can be taken together or split into two separate one day events.

Monthly coaching calls

Every month we will schedule a 45 minute telephone coaching call to ensure that you are achieving what you set out to achieve and that you know what is next on your agenda. This will be an opportunity for us to identify any barriers that are getting in the way and find a path around them as well as look at how your team are performing and how your leadership is developing. You will be amazed at how much we can cover in the time and at how motivating and energising the calls can be.

4 x half hour emergency calls

If at any time during the twelve months you come across an issue that cannot wait until the next coaching session, then you will have access to my diary which will enable you to book yourself in for a half hour emergency coaching call where we will together move you forwards on whatever has come up.  There are four so that you can have one a quarter however this is totally flexible.

Weekly accountability forms for those of you who need this

For some of you this will be totally unnecessary and for others this will be one of the main reasons you decide to come on the programme! Every week you will have the opportunity to fill out a form which will tell me what you have achieved in the previous week, what your biggest challenges were, what your biggest successes were and what you are planning to achieve in the following week. This is especially useful if you are the type of person who needs to be held accountable in order to get things done. I will be looking at them every week!

Plus you get my 90 days to Leadership Success Programme

This is an online modular programme delivered fortnightly into a secure online site which takes you through a process from Vision to Leadership and Action. For more details click here .

Do you have what it takes to be one of my VIPs this year?

In order to give my best attention to each of my VIP clients, I limit the number to 12 in any one year and I can only accept people who meet the following criteria:

  • Making at least £1,000,000 in your current business, or are very close to it (This programme isn’t for people who are still mastering the business basics.)
  • Be willing to share and contribute during our meetings and coaching sessions – your successes, failures, frustrations and problems.
  • Be willing to take the time out of your business to work on your business – this is an essential part of the learning process.
  • Be able to invest in the programme – A £4200* deposit is due on application (fully refundable in the event you are not accepted) and £1800* per month (for the following 11 months). That’s a total investment of just £24,000* for a programme which will transform your business and life over the next 12 months.

This truly is a drop in the ocean for the right person who is committed to taking their business to THE NEXT LEVEL and making BIG BREAKTHROUGHS during the next 12 months.

Or you can prepay the entire fee, and receive a generous discount of £4,000 making your total investment just £20,000*.

But you can’t just send in a cheque! You have to fill out a detailed application. I want to make sure that this is the right programme for you BEFORE I accept you.

PLUS EXTRA BONUS IN RETURN FOR QUICK ACTION– get 50% discount on any of the other programmes I run for the duration of the year

The reason I am doing this is because I want to attract ACTION TAKERS – and one of the things that I have noticed is that the most successful people in any of my programmes make decisions quickly and take action quickly. So I’m going to reward you for taking FAST ACTION and let you have a generous 50% discount on any other programme I run for the duration of your 12 month VIP programme. This will only be available to the first 6 people to apply so get your application form in quick!

IMPORTANT: Only a maximum of 12 people will be accepted this year

The maximum number of people that I can take on in any one year on a one-to-one basis is 12 and I will only take clients on that meet the criteria outlined above. In the event that I receive more qualified applicants that I have space for, I will award places in the order that they have been received. (So if you are even THINKING about participating, you need to get your application in ASAP.)

Bottom line: I’m looking for just 12 dedicated, committed and very motivated individuals who are ready to take their business to the next level. It may be that you are not content with where you are now and you know that will a little help from the right mentor and coach you can make quantum leaps over the next 12 months. Or it may be that you just know that there is more out there and that this support is what you need to get you there.

If that sounds like you, then please download and complete the application and return it to us immediately.

Don’t put this off… if you do, you could miss out. Remember there are just 12 spots this year so you need to submit your application immediately.

I’ve spent well into 6 figures on my own personal and business education, and it has been worth every penny. This is because I understand the difference between EXPENSE and INVESTMENT. Money spent that makes my business work better is an investment not an expense. If you are not continually investing, you’re not growing…

So, don’t put this off. Invest in your success and the success of your business and apply to join the programme today.

Wishing you every success

Sonia Gavira

Sonia Gavira

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