VIP-A Year In Leadership

Thank you for applying to be one of the 12 business owners to work with me this year on the success of your business and on your growth as a leader.

The following items ask for preliminary information about your personal and business background.
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1.Please describe your business as it is right now
2.What do you consider to be your three major achievements in recent years?
3.What have been the major disappointments / challenges over the same period?
4.What would be the three most important things you would like to achieve in the next 12 months?
5.Who or what do you think is your biggest obstacle in reaching your current goals?
6.What motivates you?
7.What are your strengths?
8.What do you enjoy doing so much that it gives you energy?
9.What else would you like to share with us when considering you for this programme?
10. Please give us details of your approximate gross business revenue for each of the indicated years: (Please note all information on this form is completely CONFIDENTIAL) 2011 (on track for) 2010 2009